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Anonymous asked: Is there somebody for everybody?

Of course!

Anonymous asked: Hi! So I have OCD and one symptom is thinking you're homosexual when you're not. (I know that sounds weird, but it actually exists, trust me.) When I was a Christian, I'd attribute all of my girl-loving thoughts to either OCD or Satan. I'm no longer a Christian and finally realized I like girls, mostly because I was/am in love with one. But the thing is I still feel scared by the idea, or like it's wrong. It doesn't help that my Christian family says that too. Will that go away with time?

Well learn something new every day with that OCD thing…well it sounds like you are still conflicted with your Catholic upbringing. A lot of Christians have fear engraved for many years over the threats of eternal hell from a young age into adulthood and fear during those formidable years leaves a lasting impression. I think it will go away with time. The first step comes with accepting yourself.

Anonymous asked: What do you think about this: There are two kinds of straight people in this world, the ones who hate you to your face and the ones who hate you behind your back.

I don’t agree with that at all. I think there are a lot of straight people out there that support LGBT rights wholeheartedly. Of course everyone is not like that and do disagree with what they deem our “alternative lifestyle” but I guess you can’t please them all! I do not think that all straight people (or the majority) dislike gay people and hope that you meet some accepting heterosexuals that show you that!

Anonymous asked: Thank you for being here. :) I'm too scared to use my proper name because I'm not out of the closet, yet. But thank you for helping me, you have no idea.

aw well I am glad we are helping you and hope one day you are at a point where you don’t have to hide!

submitted by understatedandunderrated

submitted by understatedandunderrated

Anonymous asked: So funnily enough my brother is gay and he'll see a guy and he'll ask my thoughts and sometimes I find that male to be extremely attractive and I'll say that he's hot, my friends find this extremely weird as if it'll take away my "lesbian card" so i was wondering if anyone else thought certain males were attractive..?

I know exactly what you mean! My friends find it confusing when I think a boy is cute but that’s where the attraction ends. I don’t have any desire to be romantically involved with a man but I can still notice when one is attractive. It’s just like straight girls who know when another girl is attractive; it’s completely normal.¬†

Anonymous asked: Do you think I can believe I am a lesbian if I haven't kissed a boy? I have kissed a girl...

Of course! You don’t need to kiss a boy to know you’re just attracted to girls. Follow your attractions and if they just lead to girls, there’s no need to kiss a boy to prove it.

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dopamine-driven asked: so, in a response to anon who wants to know if she should try something with her best friend: i hooked up with my best friend, and while it was super fun and nice while it lasted, after it was ended, our relationship hasn't been the same. while we're still "best friends" things are super awkward between us and it sucks.

Anonymous asked: My best friend (who I've had a crush on for years...) identifies as straight but says she'd hook up with a girl, and I think I have a good chance of being that girl. Should I go for it? Oh and it would be my first time...

I personally wouldn’t go for it. Yeah, it’ll be fun in the moment but when it’s over you’ll still be into her and she likely won’t want anything more than a hook up. At least for me, it would be even harder to be around her after that than before. Especially since it would be your first time, I would wait until you’re with someone who loves you back. Obviously the choice is yours but definitely weigh the pros and cons. Good luck!

submitted by rosegirl227

submitted by rosegirl227

I know that it can be scary to come out, it was hard for me even though I knew that the people around me are open minded in general. But I just want to say that it’s really worth it! Even though YOU know how you feel without telling anyone else, it gives such a feeling of freedom to not hide a part of yourself. For me, coming out has really given me a better self confidence. It has also made it easier to enjoy the positive sides of being gay, like having a girlfriend and going to gay clubs :)


Anonymous asked: I think I'm in love with one of my best friends, but she's the absolute straightest girl I know, with a boyfriend of about a year. Thing is, she's really touchy, like she's always kissing my cheek and hugging me for longer than most people hug. It's driving me absolutely nuts. Is there anything I can do to get over her?

I think the best place to start is to distance yourself from her. Hang out with other friends and participate in activities that don’t involve her. Maybe even get out in the dating world! Meeting another girl that you would like to be with who wants to be with you as well, could really make a difference. Good luck!

Anonymous asked: hi, i've come out to a lot of friends as lesbian over the last year or so and recently i've found I might possibly have an attraction to guys, not only in a romantic way, but also in a sexual way.. I'm afraid i might fall for a guy and then have to tell all of my friends that OH just kidding, i like guys too... i'm not really sure what's going on, if what I'm feeling is just a phase or what.. but I'm scared :(

Don’t be scared! I think you should follow your attractions and see where they take you. I’m sure the people who care about you the most will understand and accept who you are either way. Good luck!